Dickinson St. Looking North

Dickinson St.
Dickinson St. Nov. 25, 2015

For this picture, I worked from my car on what was obviously a much warmer day than this one. Today is Jan. 13th and its around 7 degrees Fahrenheit, too cold to do much more than try to finish some coffeeshop pictures. Who wouldn't want to be in a nice warm cafe on a gray overcast snowy day? Even though I could work out of my car, it's still not easy to find much color out there.


Lake Monona on a Rainy December Day

Rainy Lake
Lake Monona on a Rainy December Day

Another day driving off in the morning thinking I'll go somewhere to paint and winding up two blocks from my house, struck by the view of the lake on this particular day. I only had an hour and a half until the day cleared and it was too bright to keep going. Sitting in my car is not my favorite way to work, but today it worked out great. My Bracketron holder lets me hang the iPad from the top of the steering wheel right in front of me.


Gray Day on Atwood

Gray Day

It took three different gray days to finish this picture. The first day it was raining, so I chose this subject because I could stand in a bus shelter. The value of making a gray day picture is it gets you thinking what exactly makes a gray day. Dark, obviously, but also less difference between light and dark, and less intense color. I cheated here—no way were the actual green, orange, and brown as vivid as this.
Gray Day on Atwood 12/8/15